倉儲裝卸配套設施Storage and handling facilities
飛翼車裝貨中Wing truck loading
抱叉卸貨Hold forklift unloading
裝卸卷紙loading anunloading roll paper
抱叉裝卸卷紙Hold forklift loading/unloading roll paper
抱叉操作Fold forklift working
抱叉裝卸貨Fold forklift loading and unloading
移動裝卸平臺Mobile loading platform
叉車運行中Forklift truck in operation
卸貨平臺The unloading platform
倉庫貨運電梯Warehouse freight elevator
穗新物流新港倉裝卸貨平臺Xingang warehouse loading and unloadin
倉庫集裝箱裝貨Warehouse container loading
集裝箱車輛裝貨中Container vehicle loading
抱叉Hold forklift truck
叉車(木材裝柜情況)Forklift truck (wood loading condition)
倉庫叉車Warehouse forklift
穗新物流叉車Forklifts load
叉車裝卸貨Forklifts load and unload goods
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